Well Balanced Kitchen

This site was a rebuild from a website that was using Live Edit. The client was not happy about how her website was presented and it was clunky and outdated. It also did not have a SSL certificate. The client now has the ability to update blogs, recipes and make the website more in lines

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Living Kneads

This website was fun to build but tricky due to client wanting to show it as a “high end” massage place. We first started with a layout and then started adding in different images that the client supplied. However, some of them showed peoples feet, which we did not think meshed well on the website.

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Lana’s Limo

This client’s website needed an upgrade of content and layout. Our team transferred the domain name and migrated the email to Microsoft Exchange. This client had a strong need to speak with customers, so a live chat feature was implemented. This interactive feature proved to be critical for securing new appointments and reservations. Visit Website

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